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Italian Sandwich

Wow so I finally got time to post a new recipe! As you know I’m a student so I’m either spending my days in the library or I have absolutely NOTHING to do and I just chill and sleep! Anyways so the last week was one of the first kind (group assignment, ugh just the worst!) and add to that a flu I got from this bipolar weather we have in Brighton (see previous recipe!) my body was like “wtf?!” and I was in bed with fever and a massive headache for 4 days straight! But I’m better now and it’s the Easter Break (Spring Break for y’all Americans) so I got my life back together!

Spending days in the library is already not fun but you also need to think about food (you don’t want me getting hangry!) because the uni cafeteria(s) are not too bad, but by definition as a student I’m “poor”, so I’d rather prepare my own food than spending £5 everyday for average food. Also I’m eating healthy and uni food is not the best for that! So I made myself a sammich!

Here’s what you’ll need (picture 2):

•    Ciabatta bread
•    1/2 mozzarella ball (di Buffala if you’re feeling fancy! picture 3)
•    Tomatoes (I used baby plum tomatoes)
•    Lettuce (I used little gem lettuce)
•    2 slices of Parma ham
•    Olive oil
•    Balsamic vinegar
•    Salt, pepper

I usually buy a lot of bread (what do you want, I’m French!) so I put it in the freezer to keep it fresh. This is what I did for the ciabatta (picture 4). Just take it out of  the freezer and put it straight in the oven for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. (if it’s not frozen 5 minutes in the oven should be enough).

Slice the bread in half and put in the first slice of Parma Ham (picture 5).

On top of the ham, put the lettuce and tomatoes (that you’ll have sliced, salted and peppered beforehand) as well as the mozzarella (picture 6).

TIP: to slice cherry tomatoes in half easily, put them on a chopping board and put another flat surface on top of the tomatoes. I used the lid of a tupperware but you can use another board if you have one. Then you just need to put your hand on top of the second board and apply a bit of pressure to maintain the tomatoes in place, and then just run your knife through! (picture 7 & 8)

Add the second slice of parma ham. Add the equivalent of one teaspoon of olive oil and of balsamic vinegar (picture 9 & 10).

Take a good bite out of that sammich and enjoy!!!

Bon appétit!

PS: as usual I encourage to make the recipe your own and just use this as a guideline! You could add mayo, pesto, onions, switch the ham for salami, the fresh tomatoes for sun-dried tomatoes etc.

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